Hi! I’m Sandra. Welcome to my open journal Pass the Comfort.

Pass the Comfort is a Blog with easy, tasty and delicious recipes of future and passed down recipes.  A place where I share encouragement, inspiration and thankfulness through baking, recipes, pictures and daily living. I merge memories with today and past comforts.

I enjoy cooking great foods and venturing out to discover fantastic finds to blog about.  The art of baking helps me decompress.  I have to bake or cook something… even if I make it once.  I intend to share recipes I grew up with, picked up along the way and continue to discover.  Blogging and food photography will be an adventure for me.  I enjoy changing, growing and finding new things out about life and me.  Yet I am an old soul that respects the past and the old family traditions of eating off the land and eating well.

To God Be The Glory!